BÄRISTA coffee sample package | 250 g
BÄRISTA coffee sample package | 250 g

BÄRISTA coffee sample package | 250 g

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Discover the variety of our coffee varieties with our tasting package, which includes all 4 varieties of our coffee roastery: 🐻 Bärenstark, 🌋 Los Volcanes, 🌍 Neue Welt and ☕️ Cafe des Mamas. In this set you get 250g of each variety as a whole bean or ground. Each variety has its own character and is a journey for your senses. “Bärenstark” is an intense blend from Brazil and India, “Los Volcanes” is a single-origin coffee from Guatemala, “Neue Welt” is from Brazil and Colombia and “Cafe des Mamas” is also a single-origin coffee from Rwanda. Each variety has been carefully selected, roasted and packaged to give you the best possible taste. No matter whether filter coffee, espresso or other preparation methods, we have something to suit every taste. With our trial package you have the opportunity to try out every variety and find your personal favorite coffee. Ideal for coffee lovers and those who want to get to know our coffee varieties.

You can find a more detailed description below when introducing the individual varieties.

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Bärista is the roasting company I trust. I always enjoy being in Berlin and testing the latest roasts.

Christian Dierks
Owner Beans Royal

Coffee is my passion. For me personally, Bärista always manages to connect very good coffee with us normal consumers.

Saif Rudi
CEO Kukki GmbH

We were looking for one for years
delicious and creamy coffee enjoyment for our portafilter machine. The crema is just great – that’s it
Proof of quality and something you can be proud of. We also thank you for
your trust and cooperation with your shipping boxes.

Sebastian Wolf

As a barista and barista caterer, I recommend Bärista Manufaktur for cafés and at home. Bärenstark beans delight customers at events and in Viennese coffee houses. Top quality, fast delivery and flexibility make Bärista the ideal partner.

Jan Wollermann
CEO Barista Express

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Bärista Kaffe schnelle Lieferung
Bärista Kaffe täglich frisch geröstet
Bärista Kaffe fair gehandelt
Bärista Kaffe nachhaltige Verpackungen

Everyday madness

Why coffee?

Because to put it simply, it brings us a lot of joy!

questions and answers

We source our raw beans from six different countries including Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Through direct contact with coffee farmers and fair trade practices, we at Bärista Kaffeemanufaktur in Berlin ensure that our raw beans are of the highest quality and offer an unforgettable taste experience.

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