Why Bärista?

Bärista stands out from industrial and specialty coffee by bringing high-quality coffee from selected farms with traditional drum roasting to the point - for the perfect taste and accessible enjoyment for everyone. Welcome to the world of Bärista coffee, where quality and taste are combined

Why we roast coffee

In January 2022 we built our beloved roaster in our production room in Zehlendorf-Lichterfelde Berlin.

We have no plans to bring specialty coffee back to the market, nor do we intend to sell industrially roasted coffee .
Our mission is to make exceptional quality coffee accessible to the general consumer.

"Honest coffee, no frills!"

With BÄRISTA, consumers don't have to be coffee experts or worry about not being able to taste the coffee flavors we specify.
Coffee means so many things and can trigger everything in you. For this reason, coffee means different things to different people.
Whether it's an emotional connection or part of your morning routine as a wake-up call, it's completely legitimate.
We want to connect all consumers with very good coffee in the long term.

Our green coffee accounts for 5% of world market trade and is therefore considered specialty coffee.
In comparison, we roast this coffee neither too light nor too dark. We are very different from industrially roasted coffee, but also very different from the third wave coffee movement.