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The perfect mix of intense taste and balanced variety of aromas . Enjoy the full-bodied taste of dark chocolate, nougat and nutty notes, accompanied by a pleasant, barely noticeable acidity .

New world

Discover the tantalizing marriage of Brazilian and Colombian coffee in our unique blend. Enjoy the seductive taste of cocoa, caramel and juicy stone fruit - an unforgettable experience for coffee lovers.

Los Volcanes

A journey to the majestic volcanoes of Guatemala. This 100% Arabica coffee seduces with a harmonious composition of dark chocolate, creamy vanilla and delicious hazelnuts. With its balanced acidity and intense flavors, Los Volcanes is a real firework for your senses.


An exceptional coffee from Rwanda that impresses with its fine acidity, the delicious flavors of red berries and the tempting sweetness of milk chocolate. Enjoy a cup full of pleasure and let yourself be enchanted by its intensity.

questions and answers

We source our raw beans from six different countries including Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Through direct contact with coffee farmers and fair trade practices, we ensure that our raw beans are of the highest quality and offer an unforgettable taste experience.

Ideally, the coffee should be sealed airtight with an aroma valve and protected from the sun. Our packaging meets these criteria and is therefore ideal for storing coffee.

On the one hand, espresso beans are often roasted darker than beans for filter coffee. On the other hand, they also differ in the preparation method with regard to the brewing pressure and the extraction time. While the espresso is extracted from an espresso machine, such as a portafilter machine, at 6 to 9 bars in 25 to 30 seconds, the early time for filter coffee is 2 to 6 minutes. In addition, the extraction of an espresso shot creates a crema, whereas with filter coffee the coffee is usually clear.

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