Espresso maker (Bialetti)

Your brew guide for the perfect coffee with an espresso maker

The espresso maker, also known as Bialetti, is a traditional method of making a delicious and powerful espresso. With its characteristic design and simple construction, it allows everyone to experience the Italian coffee pleasure at home.

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1. Take apart

  • Unscrew the espresso maker and remove the funnel insert.

2. Filling

  • Fill the funnel insert with ground espresso coffee. Make sure that the amount corresponds to the capacity of your espresso maker. It's best to use freshly ground espresso for the best flavor.

3. Smoothing

  • Smooth the surface of the coffee in the hopper to ensure even extraction.

4. Screw together

  • Place the funnel insert back into the espresso maker and screw the two parts together tightly.

1. Fill in water

  • Fill the lower part of the espresso maker with fresh cold water to just below the valve. Make sure that no water runs over the valve.

2. Heating

  • Place the espresso maker on a stove or stovetop over medium heat. Make sure the handle is not over the flame to avoid burns.

3. let it simmer

  • Wait patiently until the water in the bottom of the espresso maker heats up and the pressure pushes the coffee up through the funnel.

4. remove from heat

  • As soon as the coffee slowly flows into the upper chamber of the espresso maker and you hear a hissing sound, immediately remove the espresso maker from the heat.

5. Infuse

  • Serve the freshly brewed espresso in espresso cups and enjoy it plain or with milk and sugar as desired.


Experiment with the heat to find the perfect brew. Every stove and hotplate is different, so it may take some practice to set the optimal temperature.

pour fresh

After brewing, do not leave the espresso in the upper chamber for too long as this can lead to over-extraction and a bitter taste.

Use high quality coffee

Always use freshly roasted, high-quality coffee. Avoid stale coffee or coffee that has been sitting in the open package for a long time.

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BÄRISTA 'New World' | Brazil and Colombia

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Our "New World" variety is an intensive blend of carefully selected coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia with 100% Arabica content. The intensive roasting ensures a powerful flavor profile with nuances of cocoa, caramel and stone fruit . Thanks to its very low acidity, this variety is ideal for all preparation methods. The variety is available in 500g or 150g packs as a whole bean or ground, depending on which preparation method you prefer. We also offer a practical subscription model where you can receive fresh delivery to your home every 2 weeks or monthly.


We source our raw beans from six different countries including Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Through direct contact with coffee farmers and fair trade practices, we at Bärista Kaffeemanufaktur in Berlin ensure that our raw beans are of the highest quality and offer an unforgettable taste experience.

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