Your brew guide for the perfect espresso

Welcome to our espresso brew guide for portafilter machines! Here you will find out how to prepare your perfect espresso with a rich aroma and tempting crema.

No matter whether you're a barista professional or a coffee newbie, let's dive into the world of espresso enjoyment together and get started!

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1. Grinding

Grind your espresso beans finely. The exact grind setting depends on your machine and your personal taste.

2. Dosage

Weigh out the correct amount of ground coffee. A common recommendation is around 18-20 grams for a double espresso.

consistency and accuracy

Consistent grinding and accurate dosage are crucial for a balanced taste. Use a high-quality coffee grinder with precise settings for uniform particle size and an accurate scale to achieve consistent results and the desired taste.


Preheat and tamper

  • Allow your portafilter machine to heat up sufficiently to reach a stable brewing temperature. This can take around 15-30 minutes depending on the model.
  • Insert the portafilter into the machine and run hot water through the brew group to preheat it.
  • Fill the portafilter with the ground coffee and press it evenly and firmly with a tamper.

Brewing process

  • Put the portafilter back into the machine and start the brewing process.
  • Make sure the extraction is even. The espresso should flow in about 25-30 seconds.
  • The ideal extraction time and amount depends on your taste. Try different settings to find the perfect espresso for you.

How can you tell if the coffee is ground too coarsely or too finely?

  • Long extraction time: If the coffee is ground too finely, the extraction will take significantly longer. The espresso takes more than 30 seconds to flow through the portafilter, which can result in an over-extracted taste with bitterness.
  • Fast extraction: If the coffee is ground too coarsely, the espresso will flow through the portafilter very quickly. The espresso can be extracted in less than 20 seconds, resulting in a thin and weak taste.

  • Taste of the espresso: A grind that is too coarse can result in a weak and tasteless espresso because the coffee does not extract enough flavors. However, if the grind is too fine, the espresso can be over-extracted, resulting in a bitter and overwhelming taste.

Use clean water

Water is an important component of your coffee, so make sure to use clean and fresh water, ideally filtered.

Clean your equipment regularly

Keep your coffee machine and accessories clean to ensure optimal performance and taste.

Use high quality coffee

Always use freshly roasted, high-quality coffee. Avoid stale coffee or coffee that has been sitting in the open package for a long time.

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We source our raw beans from six different countries including Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Through direct contact with coffee farmers and fair trade practices, we at Bärista Kaffeemanufaktur in Berlin ensure that our raw beans are of the highest quality and offer an unforgettable taste experience.

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