French press

Your brew guide for the perfect coffee with the French press

The French press is a popular method for preparing aromatic and full-bodied coffee. With its simple design and uncomplicated handling, it enables intensive extraction of the aromas from the coffee beans.

Everything you need


1. Grinding

  • Grind the coffee coarsely to allow for even extraction

2. Heat water

  • Heat the water to the optimal temperature of around 93-96°C
  • Rinse the French press with warm water to preheat it

3. Dosage

  • Use an amount of approx. 1:15 coffee to water (e.g. 60 g coffee to 900 ml water)

1. Brew

  • Add the coarsely ground coffee to the French press
  • Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee

2. Stir

  • Stir the mixture gently with a wooden spoon or whisk

3. Let it steep

  • Place the lid on the French press, but do not push down the plunger yet
  • Let the coffee steep for about 4 minutes

4. Press down

  • Press the plunger down slowly and evenly to separate the grounds from the coffee

5. Infuse

  • Pour the coffee into cups immediately after pressing to prevent further extraction

experiment as desired

Experiment with the coffee to water ratio to achieve the desired taste. You can adjust the amount of coffee and water to suit your personal preferences.


Ensure even extraction by stirring the coffee well and ensuring that all coffee particles come into contact with water.

Avoid over-scalding

Avoid overbrewing the coffee by not letting the coffee steep for longer than 4 minutes.

Use high quality coffee

Always use freshly roasted, high-quality coffee. Avoid stale coffee or coffee that has been sitting in the open package for a long time.

Our “ Cafe des Mamas ” variety is particularly suitable for the French press. Click here or continue scrolling to find out more.

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BÄRISTA 'Cafe des Mamas' | Rwanda

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We source our raw beans from six different countries including Brazil, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Through direct contact with coffee farmers and fair trade practices, we at Bärista Kaffeemanufaktur in Berlin ensure that our raw beans are of the highest quality and offer an unforgettable taste experience.

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